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Dressed Bronze Age Hungarian Vatya Urn


Dressed with a pure silver gilded rim, bespoke agate, sterling silver and horn necklace with sterling silver earrings hanging from pierced lugs.

The Bronze Age Vatya cultural group emerged in Hungary along the region of the central Danube as early as 1900BC and continued to thrive through to 1450BC. Once established the Vatya culture hailed an era of stability, and ranked society.

Specialist craftsmen, including potters, made exquisitely skilled items for elite members of society. Potters produced beautiful black pots with well balanced, elegant forms and exaggerated embellishments in the form of bosses, lugs, anthropomorphic and other finely wrought decorations.

These pots were built, as is mine, by coiling and slab building, and were then polished (burnished) to a high shine. My Vatya urn is 35cm high with a circumference at the shoulder of 80cm. As with all my pots, and in line with my view that prehistoric pots were exotic, special, and held meaning often beyond our comprehension, this pot is “dressed” with a bespoke necklace of agate, horn and sterling silver studs and drop “earrings” hanging from the exaggerated bosses placed on the shoulder of the pot just as they would have been thousand s of years ago!

The rim of my urn is gilded with pure silver. This pot was reduction fired in my wood fired kiln giving it the dark grey colouring and sheen reminiscent of Vatya Urns.

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