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Sandy’s Vatya ‘Bling’ Pot


The Bronze Age Vatya Culture emerged in Hungary along the region of the central Danube as early as 1900BC and continued to thrive through to 1450BC; so between 3,500 – 4,000 years ago. The closing years of the Vatya culture hailed an era of specialist potters who made exquisitely skilled items for elite members of society known as Koszider Ware. Highly skilled potters produced beautiful black pots with well balanced, elegant forms and exaggerated embellishments in the form of bosses, lugs, anthropomorphic and other finely wrought decorations.

Pots often had body ornamentation, and both acted to stabilise and contest the social structure of the day. Decoration and embellishments weren’t just superficial ‘surface’ treatments in the Bronze Age but integral to the creation and confirmation of personal identity. I found myself engrossed in the idea of elite society and bling! My pot is ornamented with surgical steel belly bars and ear tubes used in contemporary body piercing culture, and a sterling silver necklace. To me these items represent a form of exotic body ornamentation that does a similar thing in today’s contemporary society.

My pot is 33cm high with a circumference of 88cm at the shoulder. It is built, as were original Vatya pots, by coiling and slab building. They were often then polished (burnished) to a high. My pots were high fired to 1260 degrees centigrade. My wood fired kiln was starved of oxygen in the close of the firing cycle to create reducing atmosphere giving the rich colouring typical of these most exotic of Vatya pots.

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