Sandy's Signature Pieces

Gilded Bird Urn


Gilded & Studded Vatya Urn


Sandy’s Vatya ‘Bling’ Pot


Dressed Bronze Age Hungarian Vatya Urn


Silver Studded ‘Grooved Ware’ Pot dressed with Antelope Horn Drops


Bronze Age Food Vessel Urn with Chrysocolla ‘Earrings’ and Sterling Silver Studs


Paiwan Pots

The Paiwan are one of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples, with a rich visual heritage.

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Paiwan Hundred-Pace Snake Pot


Paiwan Necklace Pot


Unstan Ware

Unstan Ware is the name given to early Neolithic Bowls made in Orkney as long ago as c.3,700BC.

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Unstan Bowl with Silver Gilded Rim


Porcelain ‘Unstan Ware’ Bowl


Small Black Unstan Ware Bowl


Pink ‘Unstan Ware’ Bowl


'Neolithic' Thumb Pots

Thumb pots are one of my favourite pottery forms. They are literally ‘pinched’ with thumb and forefinger from a single lump of clay!

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Tracy Lacy


Stitched Up


Rainbow Crystals Pot


Island Fusion


Golden Boy


Cross Stitch


Classic Crystals


Bossy Pot


Baby Boy Thumb Pot


Baby Bosses Necklace Pot